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Project ideas

Project 1:
Create a city map.
Create a data structure to store the connectivity and distance information between two localities.
Use graph to represent the map. Convert the graph into planar graph.
Write program/algorithm to design Spanning tree and Minimum cost spanning tree on the graph.
Find the minimum length of cable to connect all localities.
Insert Steiner Point in the graph and find out any three possible solution to reduce the cable length by  15%
Coding: Java + Netbeans

Project 2:

An election is a contest between different candidates from various parties out of which the voters elect one as their representative. Objective:
The objective of idea is to perform the voting analysis and generate the clusters based on voting.
The election voter list is consist of various attributes like: Voter-id, name, address etc.
After election process the voter list can be classified into two clusters:

  • The voters: who casted their votes
  • The voters: who have not casted their votes.

The process of finding the voter: casted vote/not casted vote requires searching.
The project idea is based on implementing binary search technique to generate a cluster of voter’s based on casted votes/not casted vote. The algorithm will also find the continuous group in the voter list with characteristic: casted voted and not casted vote.
The traversal technique can be implemented to find out gap in voting list consisting of voters not casted their votes. This pattern/information can be useful for Election commission to check the existence of voters, reasons for not casting votes, duplication of name in voting list etc.
This analysis can be further extended to find out age, gender, etc of voter casted voted/not casted vote.
The data structure used for implementation is binary search tree. The time complexity of search operation is O(log n).
The implementation can be also tried with Head, Binomial Heap or Fibonacci heap structure.
For more details: refer class discussion

Project 3: Source: IBM

Refer link: http://researcher.watson.ibm.com/researcher/files/-/The-Spoken-Web%20%28with%20voice-over%29.mp4


Project 4: Research @ Major IT companies





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