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Lecture notes-LP

Compiler Design

Please refer my book available at website:


Session July – 2016

Unit-I: Notes ppt: LPUNIT1_ppt1

Unit-II: LR(0) Parser: Examples-pdf: LR(0)Examples

Self Study topic for Test-2: t2-self-study



The Lecture notes are based on topics discussed during the class room sessions:

UNIT I: Class notes: presentations
UNIT II: Class notes: presentation
LL(1) ParsingExamples
TEST – 1 Question paper: lp_autonomy_test1_aug_2015
TEST – 1 marks out of 15: LP-Test1-ODD-15-16-CO Attainment Sheet
UNIT – III: Class notes: Presentations: Recommended to read basics covered in class room sessions.
Syntax Directed Translation Schemes: sdts2
UNIT – V: Code Optimization
Local optimization: code optimization 1
Presentation: 2: Code Optimization_DOMINATOR
Presentation: 3: Live Variable Analysis
Presentation: 4: Reaching Definitions and u-d Chaining
Presentation: 5: Loop Invariant Computations-code motion
Case Study on Code Optimization: [Source: Internet resources] case_study_code_optimization
Code Generation
Presentation 1: Code Generation
Error Detection and Recovery: errorhandling1
Symbol Table: Basics: symboltable1
Symbol Table: Representation in memory: symboltable
Intermediate Code Generator: intermediateCG

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