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Lecture notes-DAA

Course: July 2021

Assignment topics for TA5: 05 marks: Please check Google Class room for necessary details

Course: July 2020

Bellman Ford Algorithm: BellmanFordAlgorithm

String Editing Algorithm: StringEditing

Course: July 2019

Course Introduction: introduction

Knapsack Algorithm Worksheet: KnapsackWorkSheet

Reverse Delete algorithm example: reverse_delete

Practice Examples on Knapsack, Prims, Kruskal and Reverse Delete Algorithm: PracticeExamples-u3-set-1

Teachers Assessment Assignment: assignment-set-1

Study material: All pair SP and Bellman Ford Algorithm: DP_APSP_SSSP

Assignment: All pair SP and Bellman Ford algorithm:assignment-2

Teacher Assessment Assignment in Python and Golang: assignment-set-2

Teachers Assessment Assignment on Angular JS: assignment-set-3

Teachers Assessment Assignment:assignment-set-4

Teachers Assessment Assignment:assignment-set-5

Teachers Assessment Assignment: assignment-set-6

Teachers Assessment Assignment: assignment-set-7


Course Introduction: introduction

Unit-3: Greedy Algorithms: Knapsack & Minimum Cost Spanning Tree: greedy_knapsack-1

Greedy Algorithms: Knapsack, Prim and Reverse Delete: updated-greedy_KS-PR-RD-1

Spanning Tree example solution: Spanning-tree-example

Worksheet-1: Submission date: 27th July 2018:worksheet-1

Maximum Flow Network: Maxflownetwork

LCS and OBST: tutorial_practice_Dynamic_programming

Practice Questions: Unit 3: T1Aug2018

Practice Questions: Unit 4: T1-Unit4-


Some of  class topics presentations for ready reference: Class test T1 : For complete material refer class notes.

Unit 3: Greedy and Divide & Conquer


Week 3


Unit 4: Dynamic Programming:





The course content presented on web-site may be clearly understood based on class room discussion. Students are advised to refer the lecture notes after attending the regular class room session.
The lecture notes covers the basic idea about the particular topic, but does not cater to detailed discussions.

COURSE: JANUARY – 2017: Students are advised to download the presentations for ready reference.

Course Introduction: ppt1-daa1: The presentation about basic introduction of the course.

Study material for Unit-2: Presentation on Sorting methods: UNIT-2_part1

Study material for Unit-2: Presentation on Asymptotic Notations: UNIT-2_part2

Study material for Unit-6: Unit6_1

Study material for Unit-6: NP_Completeness

Study material for Sorting Networks:sortingNetworks




Course Introduction: ppt1-daa

Practice Examples: Unit – 3: Greedy and Divide & Conquer: Practice Examples

Tutorial on Dynamic Programming: Unit – 4: tutorial_practice_Dynamic_programming

Unit: 5: Backtracking: Presentation on Graph Coloring, Hcycle and Queen problem: backtracking

Unit: 2: Part I: Sorting: UNIT-2_part1

Unit: 2: Part II: Asymptotic Notations: UNIT-2_part2



week1 : This pdf file covers lecture details covered in week 1

Week-2 Presentation: This pdf file contains notes of week 2

Week 3: This pdf file contains lecture notes of week 3 (29th Dec 2014-2nd Jan 2015)

week4: This pdf file contains lecture notes of week 4 (5th Jan 2015 – 10th Jan 2015)

Evaluation Sheet: Results of Test – 1 held on 19th Jan 2015: CO Attainment Sheet-Template-DAA-T1-MBC

Examples on APSP and SSSP algorithm: DP_APSP_SSSP (20th Jan 2015 – 30th Jan 2015)

Lecture notes on Backtracking: backtracking

Lecture notes on NP Algorithms: Unit6_1  NP Algorithms and NP-Completeness NP-Complete

Extra Topics:  Chain Matrix Multiplication: CMM, Optimal Merge Pattern: Optical Merge Pattern,  Topological Sorting: Topological Sorting

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